Essential Recordings 1955-62

  • 発売中
  • アーティスト:Burt Bacharach
  • 品番:VALEN-47773
  • ジャンル:ロック&ポップス
  • 価格:オープン価格
  • 形態:3CD

  • 収録時間:CD1 51:40 CD2 48:45 CD3 49:57
  • 付属品:16-PAGE BOOKLET

バカラック・ソングブック集 豪華3枚組CDの登場!!!


Burt Bacharach / Essential Recordings 1955-62

CD 1 Total Time: 51:40
01. Dionne Warwick: Don’t Make Me Over
02. Chuck Jackson: The Breaking Point
03. Gene Mcdaniels: Tower Of Strength
04. Helen Shapiro: Keep Away From Other Girls
05. Babs Tino: Forgive Me (For Giving You Such A Bad Time)
06. Tommy Hunt: I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself
07. Gene Pitney: Only Love Can Break A Heart
08. Michael Holliday: The Story Of My Life
09. Sonny James: Dream Big
10. Gene Vincent: Crazy Times
11. Don Gibson: Sea Of Heartbreak
12. The Five Blobs: The Blob
13. Del Shannon: The Answer To Everything
14. The Turbans: Three Friends (Two Lovers)
15. The Shirelles: Baby It’s You
16. The Drifters: Mexican Divorce
17. Marty Robbins: Sittin’ In A Tree House
18. Charlie Gracie: I Looked For You
19. Dionne Warwick: Wishing And Hoping
20. Perry Como: Magic Moments

CD2 Total Time 48:45
01. Johnny Mathis: Warm And Tender
02. Jimmy Radcliffe: Long After Tonight Is All Over
03. Bobby Vee: Anonymous Phone Call
04. The Avons: We’re Only Young Once (Yeh, Yeh, Yeh)
05. The Four Coins: The Miracle Of St. Marie
06. Steve Lawrence: Loving Is A Way Of Living
07. Etta James: Waitin’ For Charlie (To Come Home)
08. Tommy Sands: Love In A Goldfish Bowl
09. Margaret Whiting: Hot Spell
10. Timi Yuro: The Love Of A Boy
11. Jerry Butler: Make It Easy On Yourself
12. Vi Velasco: That’s Not The Answer
13. The Russells: Wastin’ Away For You
14. Gloria Lynne: (You Don’t Have To Be) A Tower Of Strength
15. Chuck Jackson: Any Day Now (My Wild, Beautiful Bird)
16. Carl Dobkins, Jr.: My Heart Is An Open Book
17. Sophia Loren: Donne-Moi-Ma Chance (Too Late To Worry)
18. Dionne Warwick: This Empty Place
19. The Drifters: Loneliness Or Happiness
20. Cliff Richard: (It’s) Wonderful To Be Young

CD3 Total Time: 49:57
01. Jane Morgan: With Open Arms
02. Dee Clark: You’re Telling Our Secrets
03. Marlene Dietrich: Sag Mir Wo De Blumen Sind
04. Joey Powers: Don’t Envy Me
05. Dick Van Dyke: Three Wheels On My Wagon
06. Merv Griffin: Along Came Joe
07. Jack Jones: Dreamin’ All The Time
08. Joanie Sommers: Johnny Get Angry
09. The Four Aces: Paradise Island
10. Gloria Lambert: Moon Man
11. Mel Tormé: These Desperate Hours
12. The Eligibles: Faker, Faker
13. Jimmy Radcliffe: (There Goes) The Forgotten Man
14. The Shepherd Sisters: Deeply
15. The Exotics: Manpower
16. Buddy Clinton: Take Me To Your Ladder (I’ll See Your Leader Later)
17. Cathy Carr: Wild Honey
18. Burt Bacharach (Piano): Rosanne
19. George Hamilton: Errand Of Mercy
20. Dionne Warwick: I Smiled Yesterday

★ポップ、ソウル、R&B、ジャズ、ボサノヴァ、サウンドトラック、あらゆるジャンルの音楽を作曲してきたバート・バカラックの初期作品集(1955-1962)。名コンビ、ディオンヌ・ワーウィックのデビュー・ヒット「Don’t Make Me Over」、ビートルズもカヴァーしたシェリルズの「Baby It’s You」、ジェリー・バトラーの永遠の名唱「Make It Easy On Yourself」など全て収録した3枚組。正に一家に1セットのマスト・アイテム。