The Gospel Harmonettes The Original Blind Boys I Thank God + 2 Bonus Tracks

  • 発売中
  • アーティスト:Sam Cooke
  • 品番:VINYL-6785477
  • ジャンル:ロック&ポップス
  • 価格:オープン価格
  • 形態:LP 180g重量盤 限定盤

  • 録音情報など:HI-FI


Sam Cooke/
The Gospel Harmonettes The Original Blind Boys I Thank God + 2 Bonus Tracks

Side 1
1.I Thank God — Sam Cooke
2.You Got To Move — The Original Blind Boys
3.Jericho Wall — The Gospel Harmonettes
4.That’s Heaven To M — Sam Cooke
5.Love Lifted Me — The Gospel Harmonettes
6.Coming Up Through The Years The Original Blind Boys
7.Swing Low, Sweet Chariot — Sam Cooke

Side 2
1.Steal Away — Sam Cooke
2.Trust And Obey — The Gospel Harmonettes
3.This Friend Jesus — The Original Blind Boys
4.Deep River — Sam Cooke
5.God’s Goodness — The Gospel Harmonettes
6.Oh, Lord Fix It — The Original Blind Boys
7.Farther Along*– Sam Cooke & The Soul Stirrers
*Bonus Tracks

Side 1,tracks 1 & 4/Side 2,tracks 1 & 4:Sam Cooke (lead vocals), Cliff White (guitar),
Red Callender (bass),Earl Palmer (drums).Backing vocals are unknown.
Arranged and conducted by Rene Hall.Recorded in California,
March 2 & 3,1959.Side 1,tracks 2 & 6/Side 2,tracks 3 & 6:
The Original Blind Boys,probably featuring Clarence Fountain,
Johnny Fields,Ollice Thomas,George Scott,and J.T.Hutton.
Probably recorded in 1958.Side 1,tracks 3 & 5/Side 2,tracks 2 & 5:
The Gospel Harmonettes,probably featuring Dorothy Love Coates (lead vocals),
Vera Kalb (soprano vocals),Mildred Miller Howard (mezzo-soprano vocals),
Willie Mae Newberry Garth (alto vocals),Odessa Edwards(contralto vocals),
and Herbert “Pee Wee” Pickard (piano).
Recorded between 1956 and 1958.Side 1,track 7:Sam Cooke (lead vocals),
Cliff White (guitar),Milt Hinton (bass),Hank Jones (piano),Hugo Peretti (organ).
Drums,percussion and backing vocals are unknown.
Orchestra arranged and conducted by Sammy Love.
Recorded at RCA Studios,New York,1960.
Side 2,track 7:Sam Cooke (lead vocals),Paul Foster (second lead vocals),
Senior Ray Crain (first tenor vocals),Thomas L.Bruster & R.B.Robinson (baritone vocals),
Jesse J.Farley (bass vocals).Unknown organ,piano and drums.
Recorded at Master Recorders,Hollywood,California,February 2,1956.



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