Viens Danser Le Twist + 4 Bonus Tracks

  • 発売中
  • アーティスト:Johnny Hallyday
  • レーベル:WAX TIME
  • 品番:WAX-772247
  • ジャンル:ロック&ポップス
  • 価格:オープン価格
  • 形態:LP 180g 重量盤 限定盤


Johnny Hallyday / Viens Danser Le Twist + 4 Bonus Tracks

Side A:
1. Nous Quand On S’Embrasse [High School Confidential]
(Jerry Lee Lewis – Ron Hargrave / Arranged By Jil Et Jan)
2. Toi Qui Regrettes (Johnny Hallyday – Jil Et Jan)
3. Avec Une Poignée De Terre
  [A Hundred Pounds Of Clay]
(Bob Elgin – Kay Rogers – Luther Dixon / Arranged By Manu Roblin – Rudi Revil)
4. Tu Peux La Prendre [You Can Have Her]
(Bill Cook / Arranged By André Salvet – Lucien Morisse)
5. Danse Le Twist Avec Moi [Dance The Mess Around] *
(Dave Appell – Kal Mann)
6. Wap-Dou-Wap (Tu Aimes Le Twist) * (Jil Et Jan – Johnny Hallyday)

Side B:
1. Viens Danser Le Twist [Let’S Twist Again] – Part 1; In French
(Dave Appel – Kal Mann / Arranged By Georges Gosset)
2. Let’S Twist Again – Part 2; In English (Dave Appel – Kal Mann)
3. Douce Violence (Clément Nicolas – Georges Garvarentz)
4. Il Faut Saisir Sa Chance (Charles Aznavour – Georges Garvarentz)
5. La Faute Au Twist * (Jil Et Jan – Johnny Hallyday)
6. Twistin’ U.S.A. *
(Kal Mann / Arranged By Guy Bertret – Roger Desbois)
* Bonus Tracks

Johnny Hallyday, vocals and guitar, plus:
Joe Moretti, Big Jim Sullivan (guitar),
Brian Locking (bass), Clive Powell, Georgie Fame (keyboards),
Andy White (drums), Jean Tosan (saxophone).
String section and chorus are unknown.
Original recordings produced by Lee Halliday and Jack Barverstock.
Recorded by Harry Robinson at Fontana Studio and Stanhope House,
London, September 5-12, 1961.
+4 Bonus Tracks



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