The Skyliners + 2 Bonus Tracks

  • 発売中
  • アーティスト:The Skyliners
  • レーベル:WAX TIME 500
  • 品番:WAX500-408709
  • ジャンル:ロック&ポップス
  • 価格:オープン価格
  • 形態:LP 180g 重量盤 限定盤


The Skyliners / The Skyliners + 2 Bonus Tracks

Side A:
1.Since I Don’t Have You (Joe Rock And The Skyliners)
2.Pennies From Heaven (Arthur Johnston And John Burke)
3.When I Fall In Love (Victor Young And Edward Heyman)
4.Tired Of Me (Joe Rock And The Skyliners)
5.Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart (James F.Hanley)
6.I’ll Be Seeing You (Irving Kahal And S.Fain)
7.Believe Me * (R.Barrett)

Side B:
1.This I Swear (Joe Rock And The Skyliners)
2.One-Night, One-Night (Joe Rock And The Skyliners)
3.If I Loved You (Richard Rodgers And Oscar Hammerstein)
4.Tomorrow (Joe Rock And The Skyliners)
5.I Can Dream, Can’t I (Irving Kahal And S. Fain)
6.Warm (S. Jacobson And J. Kromdes)
7.Lorraine From Spain * (Joe Rock And The Skyliners)
*Bonus Tracks: From The Same Sessions, But Not On The Original LP

The Skyliners: Jimmy Beaumont (lead vocals), Janet Vogel (soprano),Wally Lester (tenor),
Jackie Taylor (bass vocals & guitar),
Joe Verscharen (baritone), accompanied by Lenny Martin (arranger & conductor)
and The Orchestra.
Produced by Lenny Martin & Joe Rock.
Recorded at Capitol Studios, New York, between late 1958 & 1960. Originally released in 1959 on Calico CLP-3000.

■最も知られたDoo WopグループのひとつであるThe Skyliners。ガンズ&ローゼスやアート・ガーファンクル等、多くのアーティストがカバーしているミリオンセラーヒット曲”Since I Don’t Have You”を含んだ1959年のアルバム。ジャケットも素晴らしいです。同セッションのボーナス曲を2曲追加。


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