Singin’ In The Rain (OST)

雨に唄えば 不朽の名作、ミュージカルCDが登場!!

  • アーティスト:Nacio Herb Brown
  • 品番:SOUND-606389
  • ジャンル:ジャンルサウンドトラック
  • 価格:オープン価格
  • 形態:2CD
  • 収録時間:CD1 78:21 CD2 65:43
  • 付属品:16-PAGE BOOKLET


Nacio Herb Brown / Singin’ In The Rain (OST)

01.Main Title/Singin’ In The Rain 1:44
02.Fit As A Fiddle (And Ready For Love) 1:43
03.Tango (Temptation) 1:07
04.All I Do Is Dream Of You [sung by Debbie Reynolds] 1:28
05.All I Do Is Dream Of You [sung by Gene Kelly] 4:26
06.Make ‘Em Laugh 3:19
07.Beautiful Girl Montage 1:00
08.Beautiful Girl 3:18
09.You Were Meant For Me 4:45
10.You Are My Lucky Star 3:43
11.Moses 3:08
12.Good Morning 4:18
13.Singin’ In The Rain 4:56
14.Would You? [sung by Betty Noyes] 3:01
15.Broadway Melody Ballet 13:17
16.Would You?/End Title 1:36
17.Singin’ In The Rain #2 1:33
18.Finale 1:49
19.Main Title [different version] 2:11
20.Beautiful Girl #2 3:17
21.Would You? [sung by Debbie Reynolds] 1:52
22.Would You? [sung by Debbie Reynolds & Gene Kelly] 0:54
23.Beautiful Girl #3 3:17
24.Singin’ In The Rain #3 0:27
25.Should I 1:32
26.Dignity 0:54
27.Stunt Montage 2:06
28.First Silent Picture 1:26

01.Singin’ In The Rain [performed by Gordon Mcrae] 2:12
02.All I Do Is Dream Of You [performed by Doris Day] 3:15
03.Singin’ In The Rain [performed by The Oscar Peterson Trio] 5:57
04.You Are My Lucky Star [performed by Nelson Riddle] 2:38
05.Singin’ In The Rain [performed by Flip Phillips] 3:02
06.Good Morning [performed by Judy Garland & Mickey Rooney] 2:02
07.Singin’ In The Rain [performed by Joe Williams With Count Basie] 2:27
08.All I Do Is Dream Of You [performed by Benny Goodman] 2:22
09.Singin’ In The Rain [performed by Marcie Miller With Ray Anthony] 2:59
10.You Were Meant For Me [performed by Jackie Gleason] 3:16
11.Singin’ In The Rain [performed by Woody Herman] 3:16
12.All I Do Is Dream Of You [performed by Sarah Vaughan] 2:57
13.Singin’ In The Rain [performed by The Bing Crosby] 2:19
14.You Were Meant For Me [performed by Vaughn Monroe] 3:24
15.Singin’ In The Rain [performed by Toni Harper With Oscar Peterson] 2:54
16.You’re My Lucky Star [performed by Louis Armstrong] 2:59
17.Singin’ In The Rain [performed by Judy Garland] 3:03
18.All I Do Is Dream Of You [Performed By Max Bygraves With Ted Heath] 2:16
19.Singin’ In The Rain [performed by Rosemary Clooney & Bing Crosby] 2:16
20.All I Do Is Dream Of You [Performed By The Hi-Lo’S] 2:49
21.Singin’ In The Rain [performed by Frank Chacksfield] 2:08
22.All I Do Is Dream Of You [performed by Judy Garland] 1:40
23.Singin’ In The Rain [performed by Doris Day] 2:37

Music by Nacio Herb Brown Lyrics by Arthur Freed
CD1:The original soundtrack
Vocals by Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds, Donald O’Connor, Jimmie Thompson & Betty Noyes
The M.G.M. Studio Orchestra & Chorus
Musical Direction by Lennie Hayton Vocal Arrangements by Jeff Alexander
Recorded in Culver City, California, May 1951-January 1952.
CD2:Classic versions of songs from the movie by other stars
Recorded between 1935&1962.