The Great Summit

  • アーティスト:Louis Armstrong & Duke Ellington
  • レーベル:JAZZ IMAGES
  • 品番:JIM-38007
  • ジャンル:ジャンルジャズ
  • 価格:オープン価格
  • 形態:CD


Louis Armstrong & Duke Ellington / The Great Summit

01 DUKE’S PLACE (Duke Ellington-Bob Katz-Bob Thiele) 5:06
02 I’M JUST A LUCKY SO AND SO (Duke Ellington-Mack David) 3:11
03 COTTONTAIL (Duke Ellington) 3:45
04 MOOD INDIGO (Duke Ellington-Barney Bigard-Irving Mills) 3:59
05 DO NOTHIN’ TILL YOU HEAR FROM ME (Duke Ellington-Bob Russell) 2:40
06 THE BEAUTIFUL AMERICAN (Duke Ellington) 3:11
07 BLACK AND TAN FANTASY (Duke Ellington-Bubber Miley) 4:02
08 DROP ME OFF IN HARLEM (Duke Ellington-Nick Kenny) 3:52
09 THE MOOCHE (Duke Ellington-Irving Mills) 3:40
10 IN A MELLOW TONE (Duke Ellington-Milt Gabler) 3:50
11 TAKE THE “A” TRAIN (Billy Strayhorn) 2:14*
12 YOU KNOW SOMETHING? [incidental dialogue] 0:24*
13 BATTLE ROYAL (Duke Ellington-Billy Strayhorn) 4:30*
14 BIRD JUNGLE (Duke Ellington-Billy Strayhorn) 1:59*
15 WHAT’S PARIS BLUES? [incidental dialogue] 0:45*
16 MOOD INDIGO (Duke Ellington-Barney Bigard-Irving Mills) 3:15*
17 AUTUMNAL SUITE (Duke Ellington-Billy Strayhorn) 3:14*
18 NITE (Duke Ellington-Billy Strayhorn) 3:31*
19 WILD MAN MOORE (Duke Ellington-Billy Strayhorn) 1:48*
20 PARIS STAIRS (Duke Ellington-Billy Strayhorn) 3:04*
21 I WASN’T SHOPPING [incidental dialogue] 0:20*
22 GUITAR AMOUR (Duke Ellington-Billy Strayhorn) 2:02*
23 A RETURN RESERVATION [incidental dialogue] 0:33*
24 PARIS BLUES (Duke Ellington-Billy Strayhorn) 3:24*
25 DON’T GET AROUND MUCH ANYMORE (Duke Ellington-Bob Russell) [1957 version] 3:43**
26 DO NOTHIN’ TILL YOU HEAR FROM ME (Duke Ellington-Bob Russell) [1957 version] 4:16**
Total Time: 76:30

New York, April 3 & 4, 1961.
BONUS ALBUM (11-24): PARIS BLUES (Original Soundtrack)

Tracks 11, 14, 16-18, 20 & 24: DUKE ELLINGTON & HIS ORCHESTRA:
Willie Cook, Ed Mullens, Cat Anderson, Clark Terry (tp), Ray Nance (tp, vln, vcl),
Britt Woodman, Juan Tizol, Lawrence Brown, Murray McEachern, Lou Blackburn (tb),
Jimmy Hamilton (cl, ts), Russell Procope (as,cl), Johnny Hodges, Oliver Nelson (as),
Paul Gonsalves (ts), Babe Clark (ts, cl), Harry Carney (bar, cl, b-cl), Harry Smiles (oboe),
Les Spann (fl, g), Duke Ellington (p), Aaron Bell (b),
Jimmy Johnson, Sonny Greer, Max Roach, Dave Jackson, Philly Joe Jones (ds),
Lawrence Brown (cond). New York, May 1-3, 1961.

Tracks 13 & 19: LOUIS ARMSTRONG (tp soloist) with studio orchestra:
Maurice Thomas, Roger Guerin, Jean Vaissat, Vincent Casino (tp),
Billy Byers, Nat Peck, Andre Paquinet, Marcel Galiege (tb), Rene “Micky” Nicholas, Jo Hrasko (as),
Pierre Gossez (ts, as), Guy Lafitte (ts, cl), Georges Grenu, Marcel Wrasko (ts),
William Boucaya (bar), unknown (accor), Jimmy Gourley (g), Michel Gaudry (b),
Gus Wallez, Moustache Galepides, Christian Garros (ds),
Paris, France, December 15-16, 1960.

Track 22: Jimmy Gourley (guitar solo). Same place and date as above.

Tracks 12, 15, 21 & 23 consist of dialogues from the original film.BONUS TRACKS (25-26):
Louis Armstrong (vcl) with Russell Garcia’s Orchestra:
Frank Beach, Buddy Childers, Cappy Lewis (tp), Milt Bernhart, Marshall Cram, James
Henderson, Lloyd Ulyate (tb), Vincent DeRosa (frh), Paul Smith (p), Tony Rizzi (g),
Joe Mondragon (b), Alvin Stoller (ds), Russ Garcia (arr, cond).
Los Angeles, August 14, 1957. Original session produced by Norman Granz.

≪Jean-Pierre Leloir's Photo Cover Collection≫
★61年、ボブ・シールのプロデュースの元、ルイ・アームストロングとデューク・エリントン、2大スターの共演が実現。『Together for First Time』としてRouletteで作品化された音源10トラックを収録。ボーナストラックには、映画『Pris Blues(邦題;パリの憂愁)』のサウンド・トラックを14トラック、さらに57年にルイ・アームストロング楽団によって録音されたデューク・エリントンのナンバーを2曲追加収録。